Teens Weightlifting

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Teens Weightlifting

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Athletic, skill and technical based training for older kids, and sports performers.

Our youth squad compasses

  • Players and athletes from all sporting backgrounds
  • Older kids wanting to develop athletic fitness or who may want to try a new sport
  • Beginner training for older kids who may not have ever been involved in sport or physical activity

The class is, as always centred around skill based and fun activities, where members learn through challenging activities, and develop physical, social, emotional and mental skills. The skills range from beginner and foundational movements to fully programmed and periodised programs for our competitive multi-sports athletes.

This is one of our most varied classes, so you or your child will find the help, support and guidance to develop and become their best and most effective self.

Ages: 11-17
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Suitable for: Non-sporting and sporting individuals, regional, county, provincial, national and international level athletes under 18 years.


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