Recovery and Rehabilitation

While we always actively train to avoid injury, sometimes it is inevitable in competitive sport. If injury happens, recovery and rehabilitation is the name of the game.

Our specialist coaches are here to get you back on your feet as effectively as possible, reducing recovery time, and actively working to prevent reoccurance.

  • Diagnosis is handled by our partners who are chartered pyhsiotherapists, or through GP referral for MRI and scans. We can offer turn around times significantly shorter than waiting in line.
  • Once we’ve the full picture of what we’re dealing with, we help through the acute stages, giving guidance on heat, ice, mobility or whatever the injury calls for
  • Progression, after the first couple of days, or post surgeries, progressive programs are used to move from the initial painful stages, to improve collagen content in damaged ligaments and tendons, increase muscular strength after tears, and work towards a monitored and expertly written retun to play test. The training gets you progressively closer to recuperating the injury, as well as returning to training with reduced risk of complications.
  • RTP testing: return to play fitness tests assess the recovered range of movement, strength and stability of the affected area, as well as providing programming and or guidance on next steps to prevent reoccurance. The test is your final hurdle to returning to competitive sport, but also a useful tool to assess other areas that should be worked on to prevent further injury occurrence.