Performance Testing

Our facilities also include performance and lab based testing.

We test athletes on both skill and fitness based criteria, that is matched to their sport, performance level, and individual requirements.

Testing includes select tests from the following:

  • Strength and Power: 1RM, dynomometer, CMJ, Broad Jump, wingate, Bosco index testing | these tests ascertain muscular activation and rate of force production, and are key to programming and developing athletic performance.
  • Muscular Endurance: 150m repeat sprint shuttle, dynamic testing eg: situp, push up, unweighted squat, Isometric Testing, eg plank | Short (25s), medium (25-60s) and long term (60-120s) anaerobic tests, as well as repeat sprint testing to ascertain ability to perform dynamic and static movements repeatedly under fatigue.
  • Aerobic Endurance: commonly known as cardiovascular testing, such as MSFT (bleep test), rockport, cooper test, balke test | these timed runs estimate VO2 max and effectiveness and efficiency in utilising oxygen during exercise
  • Flexibility and Screening: range of movement joint testing specific to the sport and as part of initial athlete screening. This form of testing and associated stretching programs are used to minimise injury risk, maximise movement efficiencies, minimise muscular imbalance and improve an athlete’s ability to train, through increased ability to perform complex motor movements, skills and exercises.
  • Body composition: BIA scales, and anthropometrics are used to determine body composition and assess athletic capacity in multiple sporting scenarios.
  • Agility: Illinois, 5-0-5, Lateral Sprints, T-Tests, Diamond Test | being able to change direction, as well as react to a stimulus in sport is crucial to athletic development.
  • Balance: Static and Dynamic balance tests can be used where relevant to sport, gait analysis and prehabilitation based programming.
  • Coordination and Reaction Time: tests are used to improve the processing of information as well as how a player can effectively react to stimulus

Full reports can then be given to coaches and performance personnel to guide coaching sessions, detail athlete progression and identify strengths and weakness within the team or player.

Reports are expert and professionally written to include a full breakdown of agreed testing, areas for improvement, as well as tie in with our performance and development coaches, with the option of team strength and conditioning sessions to develop athletic performance.


See sample images from some of our reports below: