Difficulty Level 55%
Skill Development 90%
Athletic Development 70%
Fun 100%

Skill and technical based learning to progress the foundations of the fundamentals class.

For those with a background in other sports, or who’ve progressed through our fundamentals class, the intermediates offers the next step in skill and athletic development.

The class is still centred around skill based and fun activities, where kids learn through play, and develop physical, social, emotional and mental skills. The skills are more challenging, and the movements more complex, and therefore builds even more effective motor control, begins the process of physical and athletic development, and gives our younger members a head start for participation in all sports, and sports training.


Ages: 5-11
Skill Level: Second Steps, Intermediate
Days and Times: Book spaces via our weekly calendar on our classes page (normal times are Monday and Thusday 5-6pm)

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