Beginners and Seniors

Range of abilities: All
Skill Development: High
Athletic Development: High
Barbell skills training: High
Fun 100%

Coaching for All, as part of our senior membership.

Coaching nights are your nights. Many of our athletes and members are working from programs written by our coaching team, or on their own personal fitness and development goals within the club.

For many, they’ve never been in a club or gym, and this is their first step into physical activity, guided by our expert coaches and training alongside our more experienced members.

The atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming, so if it’s your first time, or 5 thousandth, you’ll still find your place among our platforms.

Our competition squads also train on these nights, and all skill levels are catered for, no matter what your goals. From beginner, right up to elite and world class, these nights have you covered with the best coaches in the game.

Ages: 18+
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Suitable for: Non-sporting and sporting individuals, regional, county, provincial, national and international level athletes under 18 years.
Days and Times: Book spaces via our weekly calendar on our classes page (normal times are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6:30-8:00pm)

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