Sports Training and Conditioning

Ages: All
Athletic Development: Club - International Elite

Our Sports Conditioning incorporate sports specific and athletic conditioning, to provide world class coaching and facilities to individual athletes, clubs and teams.

Our Sports Conditioning includes:

  • Lab testing for fitness and skill testing to benchmark ability against comparative data for athletic and performance development.
  • Education and Seminars: Coach and athlete education and specialised seminars covering crucial areas of sport and performance, including anti-doping education, time management, nutrition, recovery methods. .
  • Athletic Development: through custom and expert written programs, that develop across entire seasons and Olympic cycles, monitored and implemented by certified experts in Strength and conditioning and athletic performance.
  • Coaching: supervised strength and conditioning sessions, by degree and professionally certified coaches. These aren’t your typical PT’s (Level 3 | 4 week course) but industry standard experts (Degree Level 7 | >4 years study | >15 years experience)
  • Facilities: world class equipment and facilities, tailor made to develop athletic performance across all sports
  • Discount: team discounts to individual players as part of our affiliate program.
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